Productivity Tools | Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Time Tracking allows people to record what they did during the day.  This information can be applied to tasks which allow for project and goal reporting.  It makes it easy for managers to see the effort the company is making to accomplish goals.  It allows for project managers to include customers in the project process and to communicate with them through the project management tool the efforts being made to complete projects.

Elements of a work event

A work event is a root object in PrimeAgile Productivity tools and can have any data attached to it.  By default a work event or time entry consists of the following elements:

Project ID

This is an optional field.  If the time entry is being applied to a task, it is filled in automatically.  If not the person entering the time can select from projects to which they are listed as project members.

Person ID

This is the person who is entering the time.  It is entered automatically for the logged in user and at this time is not changeable.  Future releases will allow this to be changed to another person.

Task ID

This is an optional field.  If the time entry is being applied to a task it is filled in automatically.  If the time entry is not being entered from a task, then the user can select from the tasks assigned to them in the selected project.  If no project is selected, then only tasks which have no project assigned would appear as options for this time entry.

Time Spent

Time spent is by default recorded in 15 minute increments.  This will be a configurable option in future versions.

Time remaining

This is not an editable field, nor is it stored.  It is calculated after time spent is entered to show the remaining time on the task compared with the time spent, and with the original time allowed for the task.  If there is no task, then this field is ignored.


This item has a tool tip text which states that it should be considered public.  This is a description of what was done.  This description will appear on detail reports to show the client what was done during this time.  Including it on these reports is optional, but the idea is that this may be shared.

Internal Notes

This is internal notes for internal staff only about the time recorded.  This information is not intended to be shared publicly.


This is the date that the work was completed.  In this release this can be edited at any time.  In the future, it may be that there is an option to only allow time entry on the day that it is performed, otherwise it has to be entered by a manager.