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Project Management

PrimeAgile™ Project Management has features such as:

  • Unlimited Relationships or List of relationships to a project such as : Internal Project Manager, Sales Associate, External Customer Project Manager or Point of Contact
  • Project approval process
  • Contract details
  • Project definition
  • Any number of custom fields
  • Project Work Flow defines workflow for tasks types within that project.
  • Unlimited Projects

What is a project

Each project has a project id, a project name, a company that the project is being done for, a project team with various players having different roles and a project brief which gives a story of the project.

Each project has a planned end date and a budget.  If the project is one which never ends, then versions or periods of the project can exist with multiple end dates, giving a time to evaluate progress and to set a new budget for the next time period.

Created by Entity ID

This is a required field.  It is the entity which created the project

Created By Contact

This is a required field.  It is the contact who created the project

Project Name

This is a required Field and is the name of the project.  

Budget Hours

This is the hours budgeted for the project, or this phase of the project.

Budget Dollars

This is the dollar budget for the project in the default currency of the client. 

Start Date

The date the project should start

Planned end date

The date the project is planned to end.


This is a brief description of the project

Team Members

This is a list of people who are on the project team and have a role on the team.  The team members list consists of a contact and their role in the project.  If the contact is clicked on it brings up the contact details so that the contact can be easily notified or reached regarding the project.

Notification Lists

Notification lists is any person list of person who should be notified about changes in the project.  The notifications sent to those persons depends on their settings in the list.  They can get any immediate updates to the project, daily, or weekly summary.  The user can themselves modify their settings on this list.

Project Related Persons

such as : Internal Project Manager, Sales Associate, External Customer Project Manager or Point of Contact

Project Tasks

Projects may have one or more tasks associated with them.

Each task must be associated with one and only one project. A task can be moved from one project to another project. This is necessary for example if a project is split into one or more projects, or if the task was just put into the wrong project to begin with. Work Logs can be applied against tasks.

  • Assignable
  • Due Date
  • Time to complete
  • Sub Tasks - priority inheritance - a sub task can't be less important than its parent task.
  • Dependent tasks (tasks which depend on the completion of a previous one)

Task Priority

Priority Groups

Each task is initially assigned on creation into a priority group: Low, Medium, High, Urgent.  When an item is added as Urgent, notification is sent to the user it is assigned to via e-mail, text or phone depending on user preferences.

Task Priority Within Groups

Each task within a project has a unique priority for that task in that project. It also has a priority for the user that it is assigned to.

Priority within a project is initially assigned to the task by the system based on the priority group chosen by the person adding the task and based on when it was entered. For example if the project was marked as Medium, and there where 4 other medium tasks in the project, the new task would be assigned a priority of Medium 5. The project manager can then re-prioritize that new task based on importance moving it up in the list. Moving a task up in the list then re-prioritizes all of the items that this item has been placed above moving them down in the list. So for example if the new Medium priority item was moved to 1 then all tasks previously 1-4 would now be 2-5, and the new item would have been placed as a higher level of importance.

When an item is marked as complete a log is made which timestamps the moment it was marked as complete, the priority it was when marked complete, and who marked the item as complete.  Any time associated with completing the task must also be recorded.  If no time was required then 5 minutes can be recorded as the time it took to review and mark the task as complete.  Also when an item is marked as complete, all the items of a lesser priority are moved up to fill that spot.  So if the number 1 priority item is complete, the number 2 priority item will become number 1.

Task Priority for Users

Each task also has a priority for the user it is assigned to. The user priority and the task priority may not be the same. The priority may be marked high 1 for the project for example, but only High 5 for the user it is assigned to because that user may have already had 4 other urgent tasks from other projects which supersede this new task.

The new task can also be moved ahead of the other 4 tasks in that users priority list by checking with the other project managers and then re-assigning the new task to be a higher priority than the other tasks. Similar to project importance, the other tasks starting with the one it is replacing in priority to those with lesser priority would be re-prioritized to be below the item being re-assigned.

Projects may have only 100 items in them of priorities Urgent, High and Medium, though they can have unlimited low priority items. If there are more than 100 items that are Urgent, High, and Medium then the project should be split into more than one project.

Similar to project priorities, if an item is marked as complete, the priority spot for that item is filled by the next lower prioritized item. For example, when priority 1 is done, priority 2 becomes priority 1.

Task List

Scheduled workload for staff

Task Milestones or sprints

Gantt Chart


Project Log

Each project has a log.  This log contains a history of everything done with the project.  

The log consists of task related entries, Project related entries such as when it was edited by whom, notes about the project, meetings about the project.