Productivity Tools | Goals


"At our annual review we suggested goals for the upcoming year.  I recall doing that last year as well, though I have no recollection of what those goals where last year or if they where accomplished"  --Many People

Productivity Tools | Goals is about building a plan around or supporting goals so that those goals can be achieved. 

As an example if a toy maker has as one of their there core values to promote educational play, they may set a goal to build a robot kit which helps children learn about robots by providing the parts and instructions for building and programming one themselves.  

This goal would have a description, multiple objectives, a deadline and it is supported by a core value.  To accomplish this goal however, it needs to be broken up into several projects, probably involving several teams.  Those projects would have tasks, and the completion of those tasks would bring the company closer to achieving its goal.

What is Goal

A goal has the following elements:

A Deadline to accomplish the goal

A Name

A Description

One or more objectives

One or more projects


A Signature or Approval by those whose help is necessary to accomplish the goal

Accomplishing Goals with PrimeAgile Productivity Tools

PrimeAgile Productivity Tools: Goals helps accomplish goals because projects, tasks and day to day work events are recorded and real time reporting is available to show progress towards those goals.  Additionally these reports are automatically generated and delivered to the list of interested parties informing them of the status of the goal and if it is likely to be accomplished at the given pace, or if more resources or adjustments are required.