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Core Values

Core Values is an important part of PrimeAgile™ Productivity Tools because productivity doesn't come from doing, but from doing things which help accomplish goals and align us with our core values.

What is Core Values in PrimeAgile Productivity Tools?

How can an individual, team or company consistently behave in a way consistent with its values if those values are not defined, understood and at least occasionally considered in our day to day operation? 

1. Core Values in PrimeAgile™ Productivity Tools provides a place to articulate and work on defining those values.  

2.  Productivity Tools Core Values provides a way to align goals and activities with those core values by asking the question: "This activity or practice is in line with which of our core values?"

3.  "Core Values" provide a way for us to report how we are aligning with our core values.

The point isn't to create a filter which forces our hand.  Nor is it to take the difficulty out of making difficult decisions.  It does help us to be more aware of our core values, and to help us align our direction with our core values.  This way when the time comes to make difficult decisions, or even casual ones we may not think too much about, we will be able to do so in a way that is congruent with our values.

What is a core value in PrimeAgile™ Productivity Tools

A Core value has the following elements:



Short Description

Long Description



A color associated with it to make it easy to identify that priority.

Application of Core Values

When goals are created, there is an option to select with that goal a core value from the defined core values.

By associating a goal or project with a core value, we are able to generate a report showing work that was done on a core value.

For example Disney has a core value to "1. Nurture and promulgate wholesome American values."  This report would allow them to see what they have done in a period of time which was in line with that value.