PrimeAgile™ Productivity Tools

PrimeAgile™ Productivity Tools helps individuals and companies get things done by helping them organize, prioritize, assign, track and report on goals, projects and tasks and time.

Additionally PrimeAgile™ Productivity Tools allows for visibility into projects and the sharing of status and tasks with clients when  desirable.

Core Values

Core values are a part of productivity tools because goals, projects, tasks and time spent should reflect those values.  Having our core values articulated clearly helps us as actors in our business, or in our life in general to prioritize what we do, and to make decisions which follow those guiding principles.  More on Core Values Here


Goals are included as an important aspect of Productivity Tools.  Life is busy and often not only do we not accomplish our goals, but we don't remember what they are.  Productivity Tools Goals allows goals to be recorded, and their progress to be tracked and the accomplishment of those goals monitored.  More on Productivity Tools Goals here


The project management section provides a powerful project management tool.


This section of the productivity tools is for task management. Tasks are "ToDo" Items that can be assigned and prioritized. All tasks are recorded and saved so there is a record of what has been accomplished.

Time Tracking or Work Event Recording

Time or work events are the things we do during the day which are in line with our core values, and which help us complete our tasks, finish our projects and accomplish our goals.  Time or work event reports can be generated to show us the effort we are putting forth so that we can compare those against our goals and values and determine if we are indeed moving in the direction that we intend to be moving.

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