PrimeAgile™ is a managed software service which helps manage businesses.

PrimeAgile™ was originally an application development framework developed over several decades through several development platforms. PrimeAgile™ is available today only through select partners.

The long term objective of PrimeAgile™ is not to replace Wix, Wordpress, Drupal and the like for direct use by end users. Rather it is intended to provide a suite of tools for partners to use to help meet their clients needs. Targeted partners are other industry players, such as design companies, digital marketing companies. Partners who may or may not be software developers, but which need a sophisticated, maintained, guaranteed product they can deliver on. These partners rely on PrimeAgile to deliver, maintain, customize and integrate PrimeAgile™.

Each deployment includes:

* private database

* private security

* individual deployment

* individual storage for media and other content.

PrimeAgile is a component based application supporting the following components