PrimeAgile™ Partners

Why become a PrimeAgile™ Partner?

Becoming a partner typically means working together. We, however, also believe it means providing you and your clients peace of mind. Not only that, but we endeavor to help you increase revenue, retain clients, and grow residual income.

Unlimited Support

One of the ways we can provide you and your clients peace of mind is by ensuring we will be there when you need us. As long as you remain a PrimeAgile™ partner, we offer unlimited support. We not only support you, but your clients as well – you don’t have to worry about any of the technical details; we’ll handle it.  This allows you (and your company) to focus on the core competency of your business.


You will be partnering with a company that has considerable experience. We have over 20 years of internet and software knowledge. Over the years, we’ve successfully provided innovative website tools to a number of different companies and helped them to enhance their customers’ experience on the Web. When other companies weren’t able to deliver, we could.


Through a business partnership both parties can take advantage of co branding. With our combined efforts, we can appeal to a larger customer base. And, each party benefits by borrowing on the strength and recognition of each other’s brand.

Promotion & Advertising

As a PrimeAgile partner, we promote your business. Not only do we list and link your business website on our Partner webpage, but we also write one or more annual articles featuring your business and the products/services it offers.  Additionally, we’ll add your website URL to the QTZIP Global Directory – a directory of worldwide businesses that is fully searchable.

Retaining Clients

While reaching new clients is great, retaining those clients is just as important. To achieve this, we continually strive to create and maintain an outstanding, functional product.  We routinely send out press releases notifying you and your clients of newly-added functions and features. As mentioned previously, we also provide expert and friendly technical support (including training) when needed. A combination of keeping clients informed and catering to their support needs is crucial for retaining clients.

By utilizing the art of co branding, applying our industry experience, and combining our methods for reaching and retaining clients, together we have the potential to increase revenue and grow your company’s residual income. 

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Current Partners

iBCScorp is an application development company that is specialized in applications like Magento, OpenERP, Wordpress, PrimeAgile and other applications.