Unknown Entity

An unknown entity is exactly that.  An entity meaning a  business, organization, group or a person in which the data has not be validated, and there is not yet a relationship with that entity.

This could be because the data came from a third party. Maybe it was purchased, or scraped from the internet or is just old data from another system.

The idea is to migrate the unknown entity to becoming a lead, then customer, and eventually an advocate of a business and its products or services.  Or even just invalidating that unknown entity as it's data is in fact outdated and incorrect.

The unknown entity database serves as a place to filter and validate this data.

When importing bulk, unknown, or potentially unclean data, it can be imported as Unknown Entity data.  This data can then be converted to entities, contacts, etc.  If the data is clean it can imported directly as entities - customers, vendors etc.

Unknown Entity Data Structure

Unknown Entity Bulk Import

Unknown Entity Add

Unknown Entity Migrate to Entity/Contact