PrimeAgile Verbatim Component

Verbatim components are used to store and display items which should not be interpreted, but sent directly to the browser to be interpreted by or displayed by the browser.  If they are escaped by the browser, then they are displayed by the browser as they are entered into the verbatim box. If they are not escaped then they are interpreted by the browser as they are entered into the verbatim box.


The verbatim component is used to display HTML or other code as is on the browser.  It is also used to send i frames and other items which the browser should interpret directly. They are often used to include data from a Multiple Listing Service, Travel Listings or other third-party service.

Defining a verbatim component

On the design side when designing a page, a verbatim item appears like a text area - basically a box that data can be put into. The number of lines or size of that box can be set.

Editing a verbatim component

When editing a page, if the page includes a verbatim component that component is displayed as a text area, and escaped can be marked true. It is false by default.

Display of a verbatim component

A verbatim component is displayed with any applied CSS as an escaped verbatim item or a non escaped item.

In the escaped case, it will show the contents of the verbatim field exactly as they are entered.

In the default non escaped case the browser will interpret the results, apply CSS and display them as that browser interprets them.