Text Phrases

Text phrases are used for drop downs, menus, titles, keywords, categories, tags and similar items.  Text phrases are short phrases that are reused multiple times within a PrimeAgile website or application.  

To distinguish between text phrases and text blocks or text areas, text phrases are reused mulitple times throughout an application, like "Home" in the menu. Text blocks are typically used only once like the content on this page. "Localization", for example, is a phrase which may be used multiple times as a keyword or tag within the PrimeAgile website. The content of this page however, is unique to this page and is stored as a text area or text block rather than as a text phrase.


Text phrases make it easier to localize a web, phone, or other application. This is because the phrase library can be translated into any language enabled within the PrimeAgile application. Translation for text phrases is done using a web or other interface.