Select List

A Select List is an input field which allows selecting values from a custom pre-configured list.

This is a simple select list, which does not use the predefined phrase library.

Configuration View

In configuration view, the list can be managed by adding and removing items from the list, and sorting items in the list.

Adding a Select List Item

To add an item, click on the add new icon. 

Editing a Select List Item

To edit an item, click on the edit icon, make changes, and click save.

Removing a Select List Item

Remove an item by clicking the trash can icon.

Default Value

A default value can be configured for a select list item.  If no default value is given, then by default the select list will have no value.

Unselected State

When there is no default value, and when there is no item selected, the select list object will show "select one" in the editor view.  It will show nothing in the deployed build view, or the actual published website itself.

Required Select List

If a select list is marked "required" in the configuration view, then the page will give a warning message if a select list item is not selected from the list when saving a page or other object which contains a select list.

Display View

The display view will display the display text as configured in the configuration view and selected in the edit view.