Login and Logout Component

The login component provides a login box to a layout, or a logout box if the user is already logged in.

Layouts, Directories or Pages that have user authentication enabled do not require a login component. Anyone who tries to access those pages will automatically be redirected to a login page. However, a Login component should be provided for those users so that they can logout or login before they get to the content that requires a login.  

Any components which are hidden prior to login also will be available after login.

Login Component Elements

The Login component has the following elements:

  • Two Labels - username and password
  • Two input boxes - username and password (which require a subuser)
  • One button - Login
  • One link- Reset Password
  • Error messages
    • A password is required.
    • A username is required.
    • Password username combination is incorrect.

Adding a Login Component to a layout

The login component can be placed anywhere within a layout simply by adding it anywhere within the component tree.  

Styling a Login Component

  • Could be a small login button 
  • Could be a small login link
  • Could be a small form with username and password boxes

Login Functional Considerations

Redirects to a login page (Could produce a dialog box on request)  - login layout from layout set. - could be any page put in URL.

Redirect after login to a welcome page - could be any page put in URL. 

Redirect back to original page after login if bumped to a login page because of a time out.

Styling the Log Out

Log out could have User Name - Client Name - Logout 

Login button changes to a Logout button or link.

Redirect after logout to thank you page - probably should do this.