List Holder Component

A List Holder Component defines a list of objects.  These objects can be blog posts, products, any type of catalog item.  These objects can be predefined by the PrimeAgile Software or defined specifically for an individual client.

List Holders have the following attributes:

  • StyleClass
  • Style (inline)
  • Rendered or Not Rendered
  • Paginator
  • A template - which determines how the list items will be displayed
  • Item Type  Default available values are Pose and Product.
  • Categories
  • List Size
  • Sorting
  • Display Columns
  • Number of items per page

List Holder Component Categories

Objects in a list holder can be organized by category.  Each object in a list - product, post, etc. can be associated with one or more category attributes.

When a list is configured through the PrimeAgile list holder component, one or more categories of objects which will appear in the list can be set

When the list is configured without any categories, we had to decide, does it display nothing?  Or does it display all categories.  We decied that when no category is configured, all items will be included in the list.

This makes it easier to configure a list which should include all catetories.  It also makes it so the list is not empty if there are no categories configured for the component.

Content Management System - Component, List Holder, Item Types

A list holder is a type of PrimeAgile Component

This is for holding specific lists of pages.  This is handled differently in the latest release this documentation needs updated.