Components | Form

Form Builder

The form builder allows forms to be built dynamically via a web interface to collect data, or to initiate other actions via a campaign.

Dynamic Forms

Forms can be dynamically created using the form builder and added to any page in the Content Management System, or used as stand alone forms to collect data.

Data Collection

Data Collection via forms can be used to populate a lead database, or any other database.  They can also be used to initialize actions such as to send postal mail, make a follow up phone call, or to sent an e-mail or a whole series of items within a campaign.

Campaign Initialization

The data from a form can be recorded into a database, and also used to initiate a series of actions via a campaign.  The campaign can send an e-mail to the owner of a website via a contact us form. The campaign once initiated could kick off a trickle campaign, or any series of follow up actions. See the Marketing Campaign Management for more details.


Dyanmic Data collection

The Michigan Education Savings Program needed to collect entries for a contest. To do this they worked with a marketing company in Las Vegas Nevada. That company used PrimeAgile as a tool to deliver this custom form. This data collection form then collected the data over a period of time and then it was delivered to them periodically through the campaign.

In this case the form was able to be generated quickly and the data collected for the client to help them successfully collect entries for this event.

in this case, the data was collected and stored as leads in the lead database and delivered to the client on completion.