PrimeAgile Component Builders

The user interface for PrimeAgile web pages and applications are built dynamically by the PrimeAgile UI Services engine using proprietary component builders.  

What this means is that when we want to add authentication using a login / logout button or link to a page we don't write code to do this, we drop a login logout component into the page layout.  All pages created from that page layout will now include that component and will allow the user to login if they haven't and log out if they have.

Most things within even the most sophisticated applications are composed of similar blocks of functionality.  We have reduced the time to market with new ideas, applications and services by allowing applications to be build usuing building blocks as component builders and back end web services which support those components.

Component Builders are made up of 4 methods

  • Get Instance
  • Make Configurator
  • Build Definition
  • Component Constructors ( one or more optional)

Go here for a list of components.

Get Instance

Get Instance builds the instance of the component that is used in the actual deployment of content.  IE this web page, or a usable application.

Make Configurator

The make configurator builds the tools necessary to configure a component to behave how it should for a specific page, layout or within an entire website or application.  This would be customizable for each client implementation.

Build Definition

Build Definition builds a tool used to define a component for a layout.  This allows the tool to be defined in a way that it will be used on the back end to configure an application instance and how the instance will behave when it is being used in its final state.

Composite Components

Composite components define how this builder is used within other builders.  For example a checkbox will have a name, link, and tool-tip text.  The link will go to a page defining the component, the tool-tip text will give hints on its usage.