Components | Captcha


Captcha is used to make sure that a human is submitting a form.  This prevents the recipient of a form from being spammed with content by bots.

For captcha we use Google Re-captcha service.

Google Re-captcha component can only be used within a form.

Before using the re-captcha service, the google recapcha service must be setup. You can setup reCAPTCHA HERE

go to the admin console

click create plus icon in the top left corner

Put in a label - like your domain

select reCAPTCHA v2 "I'm not a robot" Checkbox

Add your domains

accept terms of service and submit

go to cms/website in and place both the site key and the secret key in the website settings. The site key will be used by the client when submitting captcha requests and the secret key will be used by the server to validate the request.

In addition to the normal component settings it has the following settings:

on Load or explicit

dark or light

normal invisible or compact

bottom left, bottom right, or inline