Boolean Data Component

A Boolean data component as the name implies stores a binary, true or false value.

Use Cases 

Used in various schema as a true false value such as:

  • UPS able product
  • TSCA listed
  • Job allows experience in leu of education


In addition to normal ui-object parameters, Boolean Components have a display option. 

  • Yes/No
  • True/False
  • checkbox (checked unchecked)
  • On/Off

Css can be used to configure these in the display as appropriate for the viewer, a default for the above is used in the editor so that it will match the value in the final display.


The editor simply allows it to be checked true or false, per the configuration.


The display simply displays one of the values per the configuration.


A Boolean Data Component can be used to provide a true/false switch to the editor in a few different display formats.  The data will be provided in the same format at build time, and can be formatted with a CSS container, or class name for the ui-object itself.