Translation Feature

The translation feature allows the text of a webpage or any content in PrimeAgile to be translated to another language. A webpage is translated from the default locale of the text to the chosen locale. 

Client Languages

Each client can have from 1 to over 40 languages made available for their website.  To enable translation, the additional languages need to be added to the client.

Automatic Translation

By default when additional languages are added each page is automatically translated on to the target language.  The automatic translation however is intended to be a starting point, followed by manual translation or review of the translation to make sure the page is accurate.

Available Languages

The list of available languages for translation can be found here.  Additional languages can be made available on request, or additional languages can be added to the client for manual translation.

Handling of Locale Specific Dialects

For many languages there are various dialects.  The default auto translation will not handle dialect translation.  The translation from English to Spanish is only for translation from English to Spanish.  The local dialect of the translation can be done manually after the initial translation is done.  Any dialects can be used or made available within the PrimeAgile implementation on request.

Site Map Additions

Each additional locale is available automatically in the site map.  Site Map for localized pages

Manual Translation Approval

After a page has been automatically translated, the page can be manually reviewed and approved.

Manual Translation Services

Manual Translation Services or Review of Automatic Translation can be provided on request through PrimAgiles iPartner Network.  Request for pricing.

The Cost for Automatic Translation

The cost for automatic is included with the contract for services for each customer.