Each website has an assigned theme.  Users can have a custom built theme made for them to match their corporate identity or use one of the dozens of pre-existing themes.  The theme determines colors, how buttons are built, corners shapes, fonts and backgrounds of a site.

Themes can be overwritten and modified on a site, layout or page basis

PrimeAgile CMS pages of any type are a combination of data or text, Layout, and design or styling.  Each is separate so pages are easily redesigned so that it is never necessary to re-build a site from scratch.

Every site comes with a theme.  The theme can be changed in the settings for a site.  The theme determines the backgrounds, images, fonts, gradients and colors that are used to style a web site or application.

PrimeAgile is integrated with ThemeRoller CSS Framework and all 38 pre-designed free themes from ThemeRoller are available.  Typically however, a theme is custom created based on a design provided by the design company.  Users can also create their own theme easily using the theme generator tool of ThemeRoller.