Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Primeagile CMS

What is SEO?

SEO is the technological process or art of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website through Search Engines. It depends on important keywords and key phrases which are relevant to your website, webpage, or blog content. SEO is used to focus your target market or a regional area.

Keywords & Phrases

Using PrimeAgile, you can easily add important keywords and phrases to your webpages. By using this functionality, you improve the chances of your website scoring in search results with various search engines when potential customers use those words or phrases in their search.

301 Redirects

It is also easy to create a 301 redirect with PrimeAgile.  If you’ve changed the page names to some of your content, any links to those pages (internal from your site or external from another site) will be broken.  The easy way to correct this by creating a 301 redirect to point to the correct page.

Automatic Sitemap Generation and Submission

Sitemaps help search engines index the pages on a website. A sitemap contains a list of all the webpages and when each was updated.

Sitemaps on PrimeAgile are generated every night. Every night when sitemaps are generated, the sitemap is checked to determine if any changes have taken place since it was last submitted; if it has changed, it is resubmitted.

PrimeAgile CMS sitemaps are automatically submitted to Google and Bing.