Keywords and Meta Description


PrimeAgile CMS provides the option of adding hidden keywords.  You can add keywords that do not show up in your title or content, but that are relevant to your topic.  Adding common misspellings of words, or even phrases that are commonly used in association with your topic, can have a huge impact on the ability of someone finding your website or a specific webpage.

Meta Description

PrimeAgile CMS has a Meta Description field.

Although Meta Descriptions are spidered by search engine robots, a Meta Description does not improve page ranking in search results. It is, however, an opportunity to grab a person’s attention and persuade them to click the link to your website. The Meta Description field can be used to write a brief summary about the content of your webpage; this summary displays underneath your website link in the search engine results.

You should always make sure the text of your Meta Description is accurate, brief and easy to read. Each webpage on your site should have its own Meta Description.