PrimeAgile™ Content Management System

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PrimeAgile™ Content Management System is a flexible application module used as a stand alone CMS System, or as a module in other PrimeAgile™ based products. Some of the main advantages of PrimeAgile™ CMS are that it includes and can be integrated with other PrimeAgile™ modules.

Like all PrimeAgile™ modules it can be accessed via multiple types of clients or integrated with other products. Also like other PrimeAgile™ products, PrimeAgile™ CMS is localizable out of the box.  Because PrimeAgile CMS is built on the PrimeAgile framework it runs quickly and is scalable and distributed.

Scalable CMS / Distributable CMS

PrimeAgile CMS is an enterprise level application and is based on web services. It is built on multi-threaded micro services based architecture providing multiple layers and a built-in, configurable management system. This allows the application to be distributed both vertically and horizontally across server farms, or one or more clouds.

Localizable CMS

Like all PrimeAgile products the Content Management System can be localized to any locale. Each phrase used for tags, keywords or other metadata can be translated using the PrimeAgile™ Phrase Management Module.

The page content itself as it is typically distinct for a particular page can be translated similarly using PrimeAgile™ Text Block Management Module. The difference between text and phrases is that text blocks are distinct and used for only one page, where a phrase may be used over and over again. Examples of phrases are for example the save button on a form or the "CMS" keyword on this page. This page content itself is a Text Block. Both are translatable to any language.  The phrases are repeatable and re-usable aiding in the translation process.

SEO Friendly CMS

PrimeAgile™ CMS is built specifically as an SEO Optimized Content Management System. Each page when it is created or edited can have the appropriate search engine appropriate content added making it easy for search engines to find, index, and list pages as appropriate making them easy to find for users and so that the pages can be brought to the top of search engine results.

  • Page Versioning
  • Automatic 301 Redirects
  • Customizable workflow for page review, approval and re-review
  • Automatic user friendly sitemap generation

Scaled Images

PrimeAgile™ CMS pages are delivered faster and are rendered faster in the browser because they are scaled properly. This is done automatically when loading images into PrimeAgile using the image management tool.

Serving an image that is larger than the dimensions used in any markup instance results in unnecessary bytes being sent over the internet. By default PrimeAgile™ Image Manager scales images to the appropriate size required by sites built on PrimeAgile™. Further the image height and width are specified in the rendered code allowing for faster page load without unnecessary re-flows or repaints.

The pages are delivered faster, and are rendered faster by the browser making a better experience for users. Not only is it better for the user experience, but the image manager makes it easier for page editors to create pages faster. Pages are created faster because the images are scaled automatically when uploaded to the site.

Images are scaled automatically to the default image sizes used by the site, or custom sized as indicated by the user when uploading the images. Yes, it is even possible to re-scale an image from it's original after it was loaded to the server because the original image is stored.

Cached Pages

Each page of a website is generated at deploy time and distributed on one of the best content delivery networks available. When the page is modified or edited by the user, changes are not live until the page is re-deployed.