PrimeAgile Blog Management System

PrimeAgile Blog Management system is an important product integrated into the PrimeAgile CMS Product.  It allows blogrolls to be added to standard pages, product pages, or to any page or page type.

Whats in Blog Management System?

The blog management system consists of tools to manage and organize posts and feedback to those posts.  Theming and layout design for the posts is handled already by the CMS system.

Blog Posts

A blog post is managed pretty much the same as a CMS page, Blog posts in addition to keywords have tags and categories which help organize and search the posts.

Blog Post Exerpt

A blog post exerpt is the portion of the blog that contains information about the post that will cause someone to want to read the rest of the post.  It could be the meta description that appears in google search results or it could just be the first several lines of the post depending on how the excerpts are configured. Blog post excerpts are gathered into what we typically call a blogroll or blog roller.

Blogroll or Blog Roller

A blogroll is a list of post excerpts typically ordered by date in reverse order and filtered by category.  A blogroll can be included on a page dedicated to a specific kind of content ordered by date with paging to get to older posts, or it can be the most recent three posts in a particular category or containing a particular tag included as a widget perhaps on the front page.  For example a travel website may have a blogroll in the corner with information from the most recent visits to an island in Hawaii.


Each post can have one or more categories.  Categories are managed within the Blog Management tool and can be added, edited, defined, and organized into a tree structure.


Each post also can have one or more tags.  The tags provide additional content filtering and organization.  Tags are not nested, but can be displayed as a tag cloud indicating popularity of tag items or quantity of content around particular tags.


Kewords and all other meta data work the same as any standard CMS page.

RSS publishing

Publish RSS Feeds – so they can be read via an rss reader

Feedback Management

Readers can add comments and additional information to posts.  These comments can be moderated via the Blog Management System.  Comments can require membership (future release) or at minimum require a captia to prevent spamming.


People can follow a blogroll or blog and get e-mailed whenever a relevant blog item is posted. They can get e-mailed the subject, exerpt or the entire article.

Posting to other sites

(future release)  

The Blog Management tool will allow blog posts to be automatically posted to facebook, twitter, google plus, and other third party applications. 

Auto Publish of Content to search engines

Like all pages, content added to the blog is automatically added to the site map and submitted for indexing to the major search engines.  Unique to the blog is that in the near future, content will be automatically published to the blogosphere via tools like bloglines, blogscipe, and technorati and

Linkbacks, backlinks, trackbacks and pingbacks

A tool will be added to make it easy to create pingbacks to the blog.

Multi Page Blog Posts

coming soon

Content can be organized into muti page blog posts.  This is a recent trend that helps improve ranking of the site and makes it easier to read by having multiple pages cover the content of the post. Each page can cover a specific section, and the post is organized in a way that all the pages appear and are managed as part of the same article.