Benefits of a CRM

There are many benefits of having a CRM system.  The main benefit is increased sales from new and existing customers.  On this page we will explain the benefits of PrimeAgile Customer Relationship Management System.

Increased sales from new customers

PrimeAgile List Building Tools  help businesses build and maintain lists of new potential clients. CRM Lead Management tools in PrimeAgile prompt sales people to follow up on and qualify leads turning more leads into sales quicker than they would be able to otherwise.

Increased sales volume per customer

A good CRM system can increase the volume of sales to any particular customer.  

Sales of additional products

Similar to how a good sales person or a good e-commerce system can recommend a tie that matches a particular suite when purchasing clothing, a good sales CRM can help remind or inform account managers or sales people of additional products that customers might be interested in based on conversations or what they may have purchased before.

Up Sales to higher end products

Depending on the business, a portion of the clients could be flagged as having a need for a higher end product and the CRM could be used to target those individuals and help them purchase a higher end product which might better meet their needs.

Maintaining a recurring or subscription service longer

In many cases customers may be buying a recurring service.  For example, I subscribe to internet.  A few days ago a company came by to sell internet services to me.  What he didn't know is that I am already a subscriber of that company's service.  It would have been better for me and him both if he had known this and just stopped by to thank me or to give me some kind of customer loyalty gift.  He works for a very large company - it is unfortunate that his company doesn't value customer relationships, my time, or the time of their sales person enough to have provided him with a customer relationship management tool.  If he had such a tool it would have allowed him to skip my house, follow up with me to see if I am happy and get feedback, or up sell me to more bandwidth.  Any of those would have been a preferable option than to try and sell something to me which I was already buying, and even worse offer promotions which I can't get because I am already an existing customer.  Which brings us to the next point.

A CRM provides better understanding of existing or potential customers

On an individual or collective basis a CRM can provide information to management about clients.  PrimeAgile CRM Reporting could for example give a list of potential customers for a particular product, or existing customers who have purchased in a certain period of time.   Surveys could be sent to those clients or they could be put into a PrimeAgile Campaign Management campaign focused on retention or better educating those clients about what they just purchased.

Understanding clients allows managers to use PrimeAgile tools to perhaps do pre-emptive or outgoing work to retain existing or target potential new customers.

CRM reporting can provide understanding of sales processes and staff.

CRM reporting combined with campaign management can allow managers to statistically prove if one particular sales approach is better than another.  

Informed Client

A good CRM system allows businesses to have better informed clients.  It allows businesses to provide some transparency as to the status of delivery of a project, product or service.  Businesses can text a reminder to a client about an appointment, thank them for being on time, or inform them that their product has shipped.  Without these kind of services to inform clients, even if the service or deliver is perfect, the client may not feel that it was so because they didn't know that the product was shipped or they may have forgotten about the service etc.  Keeping the customer informed about what you are doing for them and the nature of the relationship and that the business is indeed fulfilling as promised is extremely important.

Historical Record

A historical record in a CRM allows agents to know what sales materials or campaigns have been presented to a person or company.  Also to help the sales person recall previous conversations or commitments.  It will also contain all previous sales contracts proposals and other information relative tot he client.

Everything in one place

Rather than looking on the desk, in the file cabinet, on the phone and in several mail accounts to find information about a client or business, it can all be in one place.  This allows anyone in the company wherever they are to access information that otherwise they may not have access to.  To make this easier integration with Google Contacts, Mail Clients, or the ability to import and export lists is important.  The advantage of a CRM over just using mail or Google Contacts is that the information is your own or your companies, that it is private, and that private information can be kept there, where you may not want to record private information in a social network for example.

Integration with social networks and mail clients helps with list building activities as part of PrimeAgile List Building Tools .