PrimeAgile™ User Authorization

There are two types of users in any PrimeAgile Implementation.  There are superusers and all other users: users, client users or subusers.


Super Users are user accounts which exist on a top level in a PrimeAgile Enterprise Server or PrimeAgile Enterprise Server Federation.  SuperUsers can be granted privileges to service actions in general or service actions on particular servers in a federation, and can be granted privileges within specific business spaces.  SuperUsers are granted privileges by being assigned to one or more permission groups for one or more business spaces.  For more about super users go to the superuser page.

Permission Groups

Permission groups identify access to specific resources within an enterprise server or server federation.

users, common users, client users or subusers

Standard Users are subtypes of super users.  They are authorized in the system using superuser settings.  Because standard system users inherit their privileges from a super user account, it allows a particular implementation to have thousands or 10s of thousands of users who all have specific privileges for the client and implementation specified in the super user privileges and for those permissions to be modified at any time.

Page Level Authentication

Any page in primeagile can require authentication to access that page restricting access to particular users by adding login requirements to a page layout.  Any pages using that page layout will then require authentication of users within identified groups to access those pages.

Multiple layouts can be used to give access to different content to different groups.

Field or Component level Authentication 

PrimeAgile™ page layouts themselves are built using ui components.  A page can display or hide information depending on the settings of the logged in users.