PrimeAgile™ Overview

PrimeAgile™ is best thought of as a development platform, upon which enterprise-level (large corporation) applications that are fully distributed (Software that executes on two or more computers in a network) can be developed quickly and inexpensively.

Real examples of applications built on PrimeAgile technology:

Shipping and Receiving

In about three months, a small technical team developed an enterprise-level shipping and receiving application on PrimeAgile. This application managed multiple locations within one coherent system, and handled all the shipping and receiving for a large corporate campus, where it supported 28,000 employees in 72 locations.

Complex E-Business Systems

Another client provided end-to-end order management, and fulfillment for over 40,000 web storefronts, with a combined offering of over 2million inventory items. The system processes over 10,000 daily transactions involving 150 different fulfillment locations, all on one mid-range server.


In addition to rapidly creating new e-business applications, PrimeAgile technology can integrate existing enterprise applications into a single unified system, which can then be easily extended to new devices. In a matter of weeks, a small development team created a complete wireless e-business application. The application allowed the user to do all of the following: create an account, look up a product, place an order, get a credit card authorization, confirm shipment, get a tracking number, process a credit card payment, and do a customer service look up, all in real time. It also allowed major hand-held devices real-time wireless access to the complete set of applications. To the PrimeAgile platform, the transactions on wireless devices are identical to those originating on a browser or at a call center, and each transaction is immediately visible to a call center representative as well as to the customer at a web site.

Value to Partner

PrimeAgile is designed so that enterprise-level applications, such as the shipping and receiving systems along with wireless implementation, can be developed extremely rapidly and inexpensively. The proof of the power of the PrimeAgile™ platform lies in the e-business applications that have been written on it, and implemented in high-volume production environments.  For portal enterprises that offer services to multiple business clients and end-users, it means rapid deployment with a range of integrated applications, and the ability to extend those applications quickly in response to real-world customer requirements. The platform is inherently wireless, enabling the entire suite of applications. The platform also enables Software as a Service (SAAS) models.